Most Dental Practices are being grossly overcharged for costs associated with credit card processing.

It's time for a credit card processing Rate Checkup!

Frequent Asked Questions

Does It Cost Anything For A Rate Check Up?

The only cost for your Rate Check Up will be just a few minutes of your time. When you see the Diagnosis, you will quickly find that this will be time well spent.

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How Long Will My Rate Check Up Take?

The Rate Check Up will take you a total of approximately 10 minutes. That breaks down into 5 minutes to complete the "Rate Check Up" form, and about 5 minutes on the phone for CMS to go over your Diagnosis. If phone follow up takes any longer than 5 minutes, it will be because you either have additional questions, or simply just want to learn more about Capital Merchant Solutions. (It's not that uncommon for some Health Care Providers to take a bit longer during the follow up because sometimes it's hard to face the truth that their current provider has been greatly overcharging them for credit card processing services for many years. The clinical term for this is Rate Denial)

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Will Getting My Rate Check Up Cause Any Side Effects or Discomfort?

The Rate Check Up should not cause any discomfort or side effects unless you fail to follow the advice we give you. This can be different on a case by case basis. For example, we showed one Dental Practice in New York City a printed out copy of their Diagnosis. CMS was going to save them approximately $550 per month (that's $6,000 per year) on the cost of their credit card processing. They chose not to follow our advice, and continued paying high rates with their current processor. Since they didn't follow our advice, their bottom line suffered, and in the last 24 months, they have simply wasted over $12,000, CMS makes no claims of being a medical doctor, but in our opinion, wasting $12,000 has to cause a mild form of depression.

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Should I Eat Anything Special The Night Before My Rate Check Up?

Yes. Take your spouse and/or family out to your favorite restaurant, and eat a nice (and healthy) meal. Once we have diagnosed your condition, the money you start saving will be able to pay for many of these meals in the very near future.

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Will I Really Be Able To Save Any Money?

It's not a question of "WILL I SAVE", it's really a question of "HOW MUCH WILL I SAVE". In the 12+ years CMS has been in business we have seen every outrageously priced processing statement imaginable. We have saved practices up to thousands of dollars per month. This is real money that turns into real profit for the practice. We even guarantee the fact that we will save you money. If our diagnosis doesn't show you a savings, we let you know that you passed your Rate Check Up with flying colors, and send you a check for $200 to compensate you for the few minutes of time you spent on your Rate Check Up.

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How Do I Begin My RateCheckUp?

It's quite simple actually. Just Click Here to Start Rate Check Up.

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Once I See My Favorable Diagnosis, How Long Does It Take To Start The Savings?

If you follow our Treatment Plan, we can usually have your practice saving money in just a couple of days.

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Is Capital Merchant Solutions Inc a Member of The Better Business Bureau (BBB)?

Yes we are. Capital Merchant Solutions has been an Accredited Member of the BBB since 2004. We also have be awarded the BBB's Highest Business Rating of "A+". (click here to view our listing on BBB of Central Illinois)

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My Brother Is A Dentist, Is There An Incentive For Me To Refer Him To

Yes. We will pay you $100 for every practice that you refer for a Rate Check Up that follows our Treatment Plan.

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