Most Dental Practices are being grossly overcharged for costs associated with credit card processing.

It's time for a credit card processing Rate Checkup!

The service that provides is quite simple. We analyze your current credit card processing statements, we go over the details that we find, and then we show you how much money we can save you every month! This is all done at no cost to you, other than about 10 minutes of your time. If we can't show you a savings, we will send you a check for $200 for the 10 minutes you spent.

There are four parts to the Rate Check Up service. To get the most benefit, you really need to take advantage of all four parts.

Here's how the Rate Check Up service works:

Part One: The Rate Check Up:
In this step we get the pertinent information about your practice, and start diagnosing your condition. We collect minimal information about your practice as well as one or two copies of your most recent complete credit card processing statements. Once we receive this information, your data is completely analyzed by one of our in house Rate Specialists. Once the analysis is complete, a Rate Diagnosis is made (normally 24 hours) and you will be ready for your Follow Up Visit. Begin Rate Check Up Now
Part Two: Follow Up Visit:
In this step, one of Capital Merchant Solution's Rate Specialists will give you a call and spend about five minutes on the phone with you. The time will be spent going over your Diagnosis, and advising you on a Treatment Plan that would best fit your condition. The Diagnosis will show you what you're currently paying and the Treatment Plan will show you how much money you are "throwing away" every month.
Part Three: Treatment Plan:
The treatment plan will involve switching your credit card processing services over to Capital Merchant Solutions. This is normally done without any cost to your practice. We will email you a Merchant Application. You sign it, fax it back to us, and we can have your account approved in just a day or two. Once approved, our Terminal Technician will then get your terminal programmed to work with your new Capital Merchant Solution's processing account. It is at this time that your savings will start!
Part Four: Complete Recovery:
Once your Treatment Plan has been completed, you processing costs will return to a very healthy condition. You will start seeing more profit in your bank account at the end of each month. This is money that you were previously just throwing away.

Rate Recovery is not the only reason to start a relationship with Capital Merchant Solutions Inc. We also provide customer service that is second to none in our industry. If you ever have questions about your statement, or may have a question about a deposit, our toll free help line is at your disposable. It also doesn't hurt that Capital Merchant Solutions Inc has been awarded the Better Business Bureau's top rating for Accredited Businesses. "A+".